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Industrial Pump Parts

    1. High Chrome Iron Pump PartsHigh chrome iron pump parts have the property of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, usually used in flow parts to cope with high abrasion working conditions. Z05- wear-resistant white cast iron: suitable for flow parts including impeller, front and rear guard plates, sheath, etc.
    1. Cast Iron Pump PartsD21-ductile iron: suitable for pump body, pump cover, part of the bearing body, brackets, etc. Our factory usually adopts QT500-7. ZG01-gray iron: applicable for bracket, bearing body, pump body, pump cover, etc. Our factory usually adopts HT200.
    1. Rubber Pump Parts1. ZR08- natural rubber: standard impeller rubber
      2. ZR26- natural rubber: standard lining rubber
      3. ZR33- natural rubber: the upgraded version of MR26, with stronger scratch resistance, usually used in cyclones, pump linings and impellers, etc.

We provide not only the entire pumps, but also the accessories of them, including:
Impeller, metal lining,rubber lining, bearing assembly, base, pump body and cover, other anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion pump parts

We can make the models according to the customer's drawings or measuring the samples, and then produce the OEM parts.

Meanwhile, our engineers can guarantee the tolerances when measuring the parts to ensure that the new parts are interchangeable with the original ones. Our OEM parts can be completely exchanged with the world famous brands of slurry pump parts.

Materials of pump parts
Materials Description Applications
High chrome Chrome content of 15%, 27%, 29%, 30%, 35% slurry pump, crusher, coal mill and etc.
Cast and ductile iron HT200, HT250, QT500-7, QT400-12 and so on bearing housing, base and etc.
Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, CD4MCu chemical industrial equipment spares
Rubber Natural rubber, Butyl, Neoprene, Hypalon and so on slurry pump, cyclone and so on
Polyurethane Different hardness slurry pump, cyclone, flotation and so on
Ceramic Silicon carbide silicon nitride ceramic and chromic oxide, aluminum oxide ceramic coating slurry pump