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ZF Series Forth Slurry Pump

ZF series forth slurry pump is a novel pump with high efficiency and energy saving. When working, it is able to eliminate the float slurry partly. So the ZF type pump has a transmission ability higher than other pumps, with no need of any shaft seal or seal water, being the ideal pump for transmitting forth slurry.

Dimension 5-150mm
Flow 7-200m3/h
Head 10-26m

Model implication (4RV-AF)
4-pump outlet diameter (inch)
RV-bracket type
AF-forth pump

Structural features
1. This pump is of double casing structure, in which the flow passage components adopt Ni-hard, high Cr or rubber. Its transmission parts can be used interchangeably with ZV and ZVR type pump.
2. The funnel shaped packing box is a steel plate structural part. And the inwall of the packing box can be covered with inner bushing according to the different transmission mediums.
3. You can choose to install the output position of the pump by eight different angles (with an interval of 45 degrees).
4. This product has advantages of high performance, convenient disassembly, reliable operation, etc.

Available drive methods
1. Direct connection (DC): This drive method is used for horizontal pump and vertical pump.
2. Belt drive (BD): It is used in horizontal motor of vertical pump.

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