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Customer Examples

1. China Gold Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd.
China national gold group corporation is the sole central state-owned enterprise in gold industry of China. With an amount of mineral processing of 150000 tons per day, China Gold is the top seller and producer of gold in China. Our company is the perennial supplier to China Gold.

2. China Guodian Corporation
China Guodian Corporation is a state-owned enterprise formed on the basis of some enterprises and public institutions of the former State Power Company. Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is affiliated with China Guodian Corporation, Guodian Technology and Environment Group Corporation Limited. ZR is the slurry pump provider to Dongsheng, Kumul and other projects of Guodian Longyuan.

3. China Datang Corporation
China Datang Corporation, an extra large-scale electricity generation enterprise, is a centrally-administered wholly state-owned company. ZR is the slurry pump supplier of the third enlargement to Sanmenxia.

4. Nanjing Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau
Nanjing Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau, affiliated with Changjiang waterway bureau of Ministry of Communication, is a large state-owned water transportation construction enterprise. NCWEB mainly undertakes these operations: dredge, realignment, external excavation and reclamation (including bank revetment), etc. Our company is the domestic dredge pump supplier of NCWEB, mainly supplying dredge pump and accessories of type 800WN and 1000WN.

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