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Introduction of overseas market service team: Along with 4 senior engineers in pump field and fluid mechanics expert, the team went to Africa for service on January 20, 2016 and it has been long stationed abroad.

Provided service: system optimization, equipment selection, pipeline design, mapping and data collection, technical reform of pump and related equipment, energy-saving control, after-sales service and so on.

1. Pre-sales
We will know the user's actual situation firstly to provide the suitable products. And we can assist customer in improving equipment technique and mapping spare parts to supply the most suitable products.

2. In sales
After signing a contract, our company provide the basic equipment installation drawing to user or designing institute in time. Once the contract passes the technical verification, then we will start to produce after being recorded into the ERP system. During this period, we will keep in close touch with users to exchange dynamic information to control the products quality and we are prepared for customers' supervision to our factory.

3. After-sales
(1) In warranty period
We own rapid reaction mechanism and professional after-sales service team.
After receiving customers' after-sales need, the professionals will reply within 2 hours. And if you indeed need on-site service, the related person will arrive the site within 48 hours. And the salesman on each field district has certain after-sales service ability to provide after-sales support all the time.

(2) Out of warranty period
The after-sale service team and professionals will visit users regularly to lead necessary communication training and support.

4. Provided technical data
Foundation bolt drawing of slurry pump, general assembly drawing, operation instruction, machine inspection report, qualification, packing list and other device-related essential materials.

5. Installation and commissioning instructions
After the equipment arriving, our company will arrange debuggers according to customer's requirement to conduct the pre-installation work and assist in installing.

When completing the installation, we shall continue follow-up operation until normal use and the user is satisfied.

The services above are all free.

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